Baldwin needs to improve sports facilities


As many high schools in the state of Kansas make needed changes to their sports facilities, Baldwin still has not started the process on building upgrades.

Every school that is within 50 miles of Baldwin has their own football field or soccer stadium. 

Baldwin has to pay Baker University to play football games and are not able to practice there. Baldwin pays Baker to play football games at their stadium. 

Other schools also have lights for their games so they are able to compete later. Our soccer team is not able finish their soccer games half the time because we do not have lights at our soccer field.

The track is also not certified for competition because it only has six lanes. When you go to every other school around Baldwin they at least have a good track, nice football stadium and a good soccer field.

It would not take much to put in a new track, replace the grass with newer grass or turf and put in some lights. Also, we should add home stands and visitor stands.

Our junior high is also affected by the lack of lights and no sports facilities. As time changes during football season the game times have to be moved up just so they can finish playing before it gets dark.

Baldwin is the only school within 50 miles that does not have a lighted field for football/soccer. They need to put more effort and pride into their school facilities so sports can improve greatly.