Sports benefit students in school


Nicholas Johnson, BHS Journalism

While it may be a big debate if students should do sports or not. Students should definitely be able to choose if they want to do sports or not. Not all people want to do sports especially if they don’t want to. Not all students happen to be as athletic as others and they most likely wont enjoy it as much as kids who are and have been playing sports for a long time.

But sports help you stay in shape and keep you busy a lot. Sports also help you be able to juggle lots of things at one. Especially if you play lots of sports you have to juggle sports and also your school life. You have to make sure that you are able to get your homework done every night even if you have practice.

Team sports also allow you to learn how to work with others especially at a young age. Studies have also shown that  academic performance has been leaked to physical activity. According to in 2015 97% of students who play sports graduate high school and it’s 10% higher than those who don’t. While yes times are changing and lots of students aren’t trying in school and don’t care at all what happens but. 

Sports can help with communication skills, teamwork, decision making, decisive action, and time management. It can also help with self esteem and confidence which is used all the time. It can help students all through their life it can also help them with tough decisions that they may have to make at some point.  It also makes it easier for students when they are trying to figure stuff out such as when working on a test they may be able to find another way to find the answer.

Sports keeps you in shape and helps both your physical and mental health. Lots of students deal with things such as depression, frustration, and may also be bullied at school. Sports help them feel better about themselves while being in shape and also feeling more confident even if its small things they feel better about.