Music provides therapy, happiness for BHS student


Ty Harris, Online Editor

Throughout history, music has powerfully impacted almost everyone’s lives, regardless of the person or the genre. In fact, it is sometimes used clinically as a source of therapy.

Enjoying, playing and feeling the impact of music in BHS’s band class is a favorite part of the day for freshman Eli Adamson.

“Eli loves music,” Eli’s mother Amy Adamson said. “He is highly motivated by music and truly loves it. He was one of the first students in the Baldwin school district to qualify for music therapy. Because of his love for music, it was quite a logical step for him to begin participating in band class.”

Listening to and playing music benefits Eli the same way it would for any student his age. But playing music isn’t the only part of band class he enjoys. He also loves interacting with and being included by his peers.

“Eli enjoys social interactions,” special education teacher Aaron Nickelson said. “The more people, the better.”

“Eli wants to be participate and have friends just like everyone else,” Amy said. “Eli’s face lights up when he is participating with the band, and he is a thrill-seeker.”

Although Eli he is non-verbal, he uses music to communicate and express his feelings.

Eli’s classmates also love to see him participating in the band and playing music with him.

“I like to see Eli involved and having fun with the band,” junior Riley Coates said. “I can see his excitement and joy when he walks in and hears us playing. Everyone likes to make him feel welcome and a part of the band.”

“He has some really outstanding peer models who always engage with him,” Amy said. “They are exceptional individuals. Nothing makes Eli happier than to be around friends—except maybe friends who play music.”