Too much homework damaging to student achievement


Nicholas Johnson, BHS Journalism

Homework can be very stressful and frustrating for students. Students are given homework almost everyday and still have to do other things in their life that may or may not be part of the school. Because of that it is hard for students to do their homework if they are not able to do it until late at night. With already going to almost eight hours of school lots of students would rather not have to worry about homework and hangout with friends, work, or even just lay around at home.

Because some students also play sports it’s hard to keep up with homework if they have practice after school every day with games 1 to 2 times a week. Plus if they have to practice on the weekend it’s hard to get homework done and still try to have a life outside of school. With some people having so much already going on in their lives it’s very stressful for students to get their work done and get it done correctly without rushing through it so that they can get done faster. 

Homework can build up very fast and can make it hard for students to keep track with what work they have and when they forget about something most students get in trouble for having missing work then having to make that work up can be very frustrating. Plus if you have harder classes such as AP or college level classes you may get homework while also still having homework in just that one class. Some teachers also think that all students work fast on their homework while that isn’t true, some students take longer than others especially if they have a hard time paying attention or if they have ADHD.

While some teachers also give time in class for the homework to get done so that they don’t have to do it at home, sometimes it’s not enough time for them to get it done. While yes some students don’t use the class time given and instead talk to other students or may play games on an electronic device not all do and it is hard for students to get all their work done in class.

It also makes it hard after covid hits and a lot of kids had to go online because the school was closed. They went from very little working and being able to be done in a few hours to having to go back to class with homework all the time. While yes schools tried to move back in slowly so that students could get used to it again but not all schools did and it was very different for students.