Students perform at Starstruck


Anyone can sign up for Starstruck and show their talent. You can win the hearts of many just for singing to your heart’s content. What is all there is to know about Starstruck?

“Starstruck is where all the choirs get together, and then we all perform poppy songs,” freshman Isabel Walker said.

The students learned choreography and chirpy songs for the audience of many. Songs that are very upbeat, with vocals guarantee to be stuck in your head. 

“We have a choreographer that shows us how to dance,” Walker said 

The performance was in the PAC, in Baldwin, on Saturday, March 4.

Many different songs were performed by different choirs. Some students did solos and some were singing in groups. A few students were in two choirs and solos.

“The choirs that perform in Starstruck are Purple choir, Silver choir, Concert choir,” Walker said. 

“I’m doing two solos, I plan to do two solos, one is All I Ask by Adele and Going Going Gone by Lucy Dacus,” Senior Rein Goebel said.

“For Starstruck I am in Concert choir so I will be doing a handful of those, I’m also in Purple choir so I will be singing some of those as well,” Senior Hannah Webb said.