Soccer team ready for the new season


The high school girls soccer team began the start of their season recently. The team is excited to see what this season will bring this year and hope to continue on from all of the accomplishments they made last season.

“I’m definitely hoping to be Regional champs again like last year, and then hope to go even farther than we did last year,  ” senior forward Makenna Blanchat said. 

“I’m hoping to accomplish a lot of wins as a team,” junior Claire Johnson said

Last year the soccer team became Regional champions and then continued on by going to the Quarter Finals. 

The girls are very excited for all of the new players that get to be welcomed onto our team and hope that we all get better and build our relationships even stronger. 

“I’m hoping I can be a better leader for our new players, and playing defense, I hope I can become better at it to show them how to play,” sophomore Emmy Callahan said. 

“I’m most excited to get close with the girls and just have a really tight bond between the team,” Blanchat said. 

I’m excited to work hard with my friends and get further than we did last year,” Johnson said.

The girls head soccer coach is Andrew Ising. 

“I hope that I can keep my grades up so I do have the opportunity to play and hopefully get better enough to play varsity. Ising as a coach makes everyone feel apart of a team. He lets you know your mistakes and how to fix them and gives you tips on how to get better. He also just makes you feel comfortable,” Callahan said. 

Last season Baldwin finished with a record 10-5-2. 

The first game of the season is March 23 at home vs. Eudora.