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The student news site of Baldwin High School, est. 1999

The Bulldog Bulletin

The student news site of Baldwin High School, est. 1999

The Bulldog Bulletin


Senior pursuing big opportunities with Debate skills

BHS senior Parker Massey is deciding to go forward with his debate career. Massey is going to school at William Jewell college in Missouri.  His favorite thing about debate is the conclusion speeches.

“My favorite part of debate definitely has to be the rebuttal speeches, where you get to summarize the entire debate and frame it in a way that puts you ahead of whoever you are debating.” Massey said. “It is easy to persuade the judge and throw your opponent off balance if you take good notes and pay attention to the major arguments throughout the debate, and I got especially good at these speeches throughout my time in debate,” 

Massey’s mom actually made him do debate his sophomore year, but he is glad that she did. 

“I was actually forced to do it in sophomore year by my mom, and I’m so glad that she made me.” Massey said. “I have gotten a much higher level of confidence when it comes to not only arguing and debating but also when it comes to general conversation.”

He is looking forward to debating against other people who share the same passion.

“I am looking forward to debating against people who share my passion for debate.” Massey said “Many times in high school debate, I have run into people who aren’t fully committed or care, so it will definitely be a different level of competition next year.” Massey said. “Also, the speed at which college-level debaters speak is different than high school debaters, so having a judging pool where the judges can keep up with what I am saying will be nice,” 

Massey went to state with Olivia Hogelin. Hogelin was a senior, but she graduated a semester early. Hogelin thinks that state was amazing. 

“State debate was amazing,” Hogelin said. “We worked hard throughout the semester and it was worth it. We were one spot away from placing and it was amazing.”

Hogelin was Massey’s partner throughout debate and thinks that he is a great debater. 

“Working with Parker made debate much more enjoyable.” Hogelin said. “He was a great debater, and motivated everyone around him to also do better” 

BHS senior Izzy Searl, is a debater. This was her first year doing debate and she saw Massey as a leader and a very confident person. 

“My favorite thing about Parker as a debater would be his confidence in debate,” Searl said. “He is very vocal and always has his information prepared.”