The student news site of Baldwin High School, est. 1999

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The student news site of Baldwin High School, est. 1999

The Bulldog Bulletin

The student news site of Baldwin High School, est. 1999

The Bulldog Bulletin


Seniors favorites about high school

Students and staff are excited for the end of the school year.

“I’m excited to move away from Baldwin and live in Colorado,” senior Ian Rimmer said.

There have been a couple new secretaries this year, and Melissa Alford is a new one. She is the secretary in the office.

“My favorite part of being the new secretary is the relationships I have made with the students who come through the office,” Alford said, “I like hearing about their day and all the new happenings going on with them.”

Many memories have been made from just their high school years.

“When I first transferred to Baldwin High School,” senior Reece Diers said, “my memory that I will remember forever was the trips in which I participated in the FAA chapter. This includes going to do poultry judging and agronomy with my friends. This, I will say, has given me insight into the times where I have failed and the times of great success.”

Many are related to each other in Baldwin High School.

“With this, I have gained the most valuable experience that I can from agriculture,” Diers said, “The reason why this will be forever part of me is due to the fact that my teacher, Ms. Hoskinson, is my cousin, and I will be seeing her a lot more than what it used to be. I will continue to cherish this memory of mine for the times that we talked together, spent time doing competitions, and the daily life of the classroom.”

Baldwin is a small town and everybody knows everyone.

“With all of this said, the remembrance of people and times that I have here is one to remember. I like it here more than the other schools that I have transferred to, simply because Baldwin is a small community. I have grown up in the Baldwin City area and lived with it all throughout my childhood. The community is great, and the atmosphere is nice. I do indeed believe that Baldwin is coming back to life and prospering in the development of the town, in part because of Baldwin High School.”

“The highlight of my senior year is seeing everyone grow,” senior Reagan Bosch said, “Seeing everyone I grew up with choosing their next journey is pretty cool.”

There are many seniors that are going to college for sports and for an educational purpose.

“As a senior, the most challenging task is embracing all of the lasts,” senior Lily Brecheisen said, “You are so busy and trying to get everything done and prepared, and before you know it, the year is gone.”

Many are sad to leave because of the great memories, but some are really happy to, so they can move on in life.

“I think that the thing that I look forward to the most is being able to decide what is right for me,” senior Dominic Garza said, “being able to make my own decisions and live my own life without being influenced by what other people think.”