Bulldog athletes stay involved with club sports


Sophomore Emma Grossoehme pictured eating seeds and watching her teammates. Emma was injured during her club season and made a full recovery before school.

Jasmine Renyer, BHS Journalism

lMany BHS students play club sports outside of their regular school season. Every athlete does extra work for a different reason, some may want to do weights to get their strength up or they simply love the sport and want to keep playing.

“I do club sports to get better during the off-season,” sophomore basketball player Jenna Harvey said. “I do strength and conditioning training three times a week with a trainer at Baker.”

Some athletes join big clubs in hopes of being spotted by college scouts present. Going to college for a sport they enjoy can be a dream for many athletes or they may want to not play in college at all. There is a higher chance of athletes playing in a regular season rather than for division one play.

“It’s more competitive than high school sports,” freshman baseball player Justus Rowlett said. “I am definitely hoping to go to college for baseball because, it’s one of my favorite sports and I feel like I am improving with it.”

Club sports are harder and more advanced than just regular school season play. Some students may try-out for a club team and not make it due to the level of play that the coaches are looking for. This can be discouraging to kids and may cause them to quit the sport all together.

“Trying for a club can be nerve-wracking because they are constantly watching you,” freshman Gabrielle McBride said. “You’re just thinking, if I mess up I’m not gonna make it. High school tryouts are fun, its with people you know and girls that have already played.”

Athletes competing in outside club sports can pose problems for athletic directors in order to keep within KSHAA rules and regulations.

“There are rules in place that govern club sports during the school year that dictate the number of kids from one school team that can be on a club team,” Athletic Director Gary Stevanus said “There are aso rules regarding being able to participate in the same club sport during the school sports season. Violation of these rules can cause a student-athlete to be ineligible for their school team.”