FCA makes changes in times, plans for year


FCA sponsor Cameron Schneider has some good ideas planned for FCA.

A few special events he has planned or is planning to do such as Concession stands to earn more money for the group so we have more opportunities. 

Some other people he is collaborating with include parents Kelly Carr and student Brooklyn Taylor to be more involved in the community and our local churches. 

Last year FCA used to be in the early mornings before school every Wednesday. But just this year Schneider, Carr and teacher Andrew McClure have changed that. 

Now every Wednesday during seminar, FCA is from 2:55-3:15. This gives more kids the opportunity to join FCA without having to do anything special like wake up early. 

FCA discussions will be strong after school, since many students are not fully awake in the morning. Also, afternoon meetings are easier on the people that sponsor FCA with kids. 

The thing that Schneider misses about morning FCA was the breakfasts. 

“My favorite thing to talk about in FCA is how we as christians call to have a personal relationship with God, and how God is not this overpowering figure in our lives, and how we are all called together as sons and daughters. And he’s not a god whose meaning, he is a god who loves us and is kind.” Schneider said.

His goal is to make sure by the end of the year everyone knows that no matter what, God loves you no matter who or what you are. And, you don’t need to do everything right. 

Most importantly, Schneider wants to emphasize that, “God will always forgive you and trust you like a son or a daughter.”