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The student news site of Baldwin High School, est. 1999

The Bulldog Bulletin

The student news site of Baldwin High School, est. 1999

The Bulldog Bulletin


Prom pops into BHS

The BHS Prom will be held at Abe and Jake’s Landing in Lawrence this year. Teacher Donald Blanchat is one of the Prom sponsors, he will be helping with the planning and fundraising.

“Prom is on April 13 this year and the theme will be midnight forest,” Blanchat said “We have early tickets, and regular tickets. Early tickets are $25 and regular tickets are set at $30,” 

The Prom committee is planning on bringing back some of the activities from last year’s prom. The students last year really enjoyed them so they are buying them again this year. 

“The total for Prom this year is $3,500 this year,” Blanchat said. “We are bringing back the 360 photo booth, and a DJ, because it was really cool and everyone enjoyed it.” 

Every year after prom there is a safe night. They do this for the kids to go to and for the kids to have fun and be safe at. There will be games and other fun things.

“This year’s safe night is not right after prom, it starts at midnight and goes till 3,” Blanchat said. “It is not right after school because the kids need time to change.”

BHS junior Elizabeth Goodwin is also on the Prom committee. This is Goodwin’s first year planning it but her second time going to Prom. 

“For Prom I will go get ready with my friends and then we will all meet up with our dates and get pictures and all go out to eat,” Goodwin said. “This part before prom is always so memorable because you get some chill time with your group of friends before going to the dance.” 

Most people spend a good amount of money on prom. Goodwin is being wise with her spending money for the dance. She has it all planned out when it comes to food, hair, dress and nails.

“Overall $430 will be spent on my prom although my parents will pay for half my dress so there is $400 I will pay for personally,” Goodwin said.

Goodwin loves going to Prom and seeing everyone dressed up.

My favorite part about Prom is seeing everyone all dressed up and getting to hang out with everyone at the dance,” Goodwin said. 

The students on this committee are, Ella Ward, Claire Baker, Emily Howater, Kaitlin Base, Allison Williams, Lizzy Goodwin, Maecy Wolff, Lauren Berg, Kyan Frost, Rae Wilkerson, Olivia Callihan, Hank Beard, Saylor Currie and Drew Flick.