Student Council make plans for school year


Braelyn Hinderliter, BHS Journalism

It is that time of the year at Baldwin High School. Student Council elections took place a couple of weeks ago. New students and teachers take part in the group.

As you already know, Student Council elections have taken place and the votes were counted. For Student Body President, Olivia Kerr won the position. She now has the responsibility of that role.

“As Student Body President, I have to plant and run meetings, make signs/posters, and help get the word out for any activities planned by Student Council. Most of the job is really fun and easy for me since I like planning things out,” Kerr said.

The purpose of Student Council is to plan and get the word out to many students, teachers, and parents about activities happening at Baldwin High School. It is a little different this year because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I love all of the activities we put together and I enjoy being a part bringing everyone together. I would say this year it has been hard to get activities together under the Covid-19 guidelines,” Kerr said.

The guidelines have certainly limited the activities that Student Council can plan. Many of the high school’s activities involve big crowds, such as sports games, dances, prom, etc. Those activities go against guidelines. 

“We like to let the members do the planning, so we just meet with the student body president to discuss what she would like to do/talk about. Then we schedule the meeting and they take it from there. As sponsors we tend to be in the background and let the students do all the planning,” student council sponsor Kymberlee Garcia said.

We will see what Student Council can plan for this school year. Things will be different but Student Council will still try to plan activities for the school while still following Covid-19 guidelines.