Lady Bulldogs take the Top Gun Title


The Baldwin girls basketball team is celebrating their victory. They beat Nehama 47-46 to win the Top Gun Tournament.

Gracie Bryan, BHS Journalism

The Baldwin girls basketball team fought long and hard for something that was taken from them just the year before. This year, they came out on top.

On Jan. 26, the Bulldog girls basketball team played Nemaha Central High School in the championship game of the Top Gun Tournament. Just last year they had once again made it to the championship game, but sadly lost to Piper.

“We were very excited to be in the championship game with the opportunity to play a very good team,” Bob Martin said. “We were looking forward to testing ourselves in that situation.”

All Baldwin players and supporters in the stands were proud of the team for making it to the championship game yet again and were ready to cheer their team on. The Bulldog’s had beat Wellsville in order to get to the championship game.  

“The whole team had worked really hard in the Wellsville game before to get to the championship,” Kayla Kurtz said. “I went into the game knowing it was going to be a good physical game. At the same time, I knew that we would come out with the win because we wanted the championship title really bad, especially after losing to Piper the year before.”

As the fourth quarter slowly ticked away, the game became very stressful and intense. The Bulldogs and Nehama were fighting to fill the couple point gap between the score.

“I was nervous but I knew we would pull out the win,” Kurtz said. “I believed in my team.”

After a long, hard fight, the Bulldogs pulled out the win with and ending score of 47-46.

“The game was an exciting and hard fought contest. I was very pleased with how we competed throughout the game and that we were able to pull out a victory in the end,” Martin said. “It is always exciting to win a championship game, but this one was particularly satisfying.”