Humans of BHS: Rylee Bentley


“I was in recovery for nine long months. It was very difficult for me to not do anything since sports are a big part of my life. I always want to be up and about not laying down doing nothing. I tore my ACL and both of my meniscus. I did so by colliding in the outfield with another player. I knew something was wrong when I heard something pop. I was out for 2 weeks. The week back I was in the gym jumping over hurdles and tore my ACL that way. I still have problems with my knee up to this day. It still is very achy once in a while and sometimes hard to move. It was very embarrassing when it happened and also very painful. I was in physical therapy for nine months and that helped a lot with walking and exercising the knee and leg. All I have to say is don’t tear your ACL or meniscus. It is very painful and a very long recovery.”