Band scores high at State Fair


Elise Mohsen, BHS Journalism

This is Stuart O’Neil’s second year teaching band at Baldwin High School. After
teaching for 28 years in Oskaloosa, he moved to BHS to take over for retiring teacher
Will Cooper, who was at BHS for many years.
A highlight of the year for O’Neil and the band is the State Fair. It is always one of the
first big events the band participates in.
“It’s early in the year, so it comes quickly,” O’Neil said.
This is his second year attending the State Fair with a marching band. His former school
did not take part in the fair, so it is a new experience for O’Neil.
“There’s lots of tradition in the fair, and after a long hot day of marching it becomes a
nice event to walk around in,” he said. “I like that it’s a very laid back festival. The
judges understand that it’s early in the year, and they don’t have high expectations.
They’re realistic. It’s also a good place to have fun and spend time at.”
The BHS band received a score of 1+ for their performance and a 2 for marching.