After several attempts, Winter Royalty finally crowned


The winners of the Royal Court are crowned. From left to right, Princess Dani Bennett, Prince Hunter Peacock, Queen Kate Ogle, King Cy Hockey.

Gracie Bryan, BHS Journalism

The students of Baldwin High School never thought their Winter Royalty dance and ceremony would happen.

The Winter Royalty dance and ceremony were rescheduled three times due to insufficient weather before the administrators finally decided to have the dance on Feb. 13. The crowning ceremony was held on Feb. 19 where a Queen, King, Princess, and Prince were crowned.

“I was very honored,” queen Kate Ogle said. “It was fun to win because Cy won too and he was my partner throughout the whole week.”

The nominees had to wait over two weeks to figure out the winners. That gave the nominees a lot of time to get more and more anxious to figure out who won. Every time they would hear about their wait being over, there would be a cancellation.

“I wouldn’t say I was anxious, but I was super excited to hear who won the prince, princess, king and queen,” candidate Josie Boyle said. “The candidates were all very deserving of winning.”

Some students were very eager to have the dance. One student in particular went the extra length as to create a petition to present to the administration to get the dance rescheduled on a sooner date, specifically picked by the student body.

“Well the Winter Royalty had been postponed several times due to not so good weather, so I was like I’ll create a petition for fun not thinking much of it,” Addie Nigh said. “It got over 100 signatures which was awesome.”

The dance was definitely a hit. It was held on Feb. 13th.

“The dance was super fun and it was in my top 5 for all of my high school dances,” Nigh said.