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Value of high school clubs

Isabel Tiler, BHS Journalism

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High school is is filled with art, music and academic classes. A range of sports are offered to the students. But what about the students who are not interested in sports or the arts, and have a passion for bringing people together with the power of God? Or wish to raise money for a certain cause within the student body?

High school clubs provide a range of activities led by students and teachers interested in similar subjects. The clubs bring people together in a positive yet fun manner, allowing friends to be made and creating a positive, memorable high school experience. Examples of clubs include include Spanish Club, Future Farmers of America, and the Gay-Straight Alliance club.

School clubs also provide information for the future, developing necessary skills, and even learning teamwork and leadership skills. In a national survey conducted by the Public Agenda, 85% of students who participated claimed high school clubs benefitted them for the future, providing information as well as social skills.

However, students who are not offered these clubs in their high school will not learn the necessary skills used in the future. Being involved and included in the high school community allows students to not only grow and create lifelong friends, but it allows students to be active instead of being a lazy couch potato.

With a lack of clubs, comes a lack of social development learned in youth as well as a lack of motivation to be somebody. Clubs allow students to find their interests, whether it may be raising money for the food pantry or becoming a future business leader. They also allow students to try new activities to create a range of interests, creating a well rounded personality, which is beneficial in the long run.

All high schools throughout the nation should allow clubs to be created by students with an adult sponsor, preferably a teacher. The club would have to be appropriate of course, but the value of clubs are great and provide numerous benefits for the future.

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Value of high school clubs