Students excited for annual winter dance

Ethan Temple,

The annual Winter Formal dance is this Saturday, Dec. 12. Many from the school enjoy going to this because it is a chance to dress up and take pictures. Students answered some questions about Winter Formal and what they are excited for.


Q: Are you excited for Winter Formal?


A: “I very much am, I have an awesome date and it’s going to be an amazing night,” sophomore Drew Villaca.


Q: What are you doing before the dance?


A: “I’m getting ready with my friend and taking group pictures then going to eat , at IHOP,” sophomore Cheyanne Daniels.


Q: What is your favorite part about the dance?


A: “I like seeing everyone all dressed up and looking snazzy,” senior Kelsey Kehl.


Q: What are you looking forward to most?


A: “I’m looking forward to taking pictures before the dance,” senior  Braxton George.


Q:What are you wearing to formal?
A: “I’m wearing a nice black shirt with a gold tie,” sophomore Parker Wilson.