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The student news site of Baldwin High School, est. 1999

The Bulldog Bulletin

The student news site of Baldwin High School, est. 1999

The Bulldog Bulletin


Bulldog basketball earns record of 18-3 going into 4A State

Baldwin this year has a winning record and they are getting ready for state. This season has made some achievements for players such as senior Talan Torrez.

My biggest achievement this season was breaking the record for most 3-pointers in a season in school history,” Torrez said.

There have also been some enjoyable parts this season.

“My favorite part of the season so far was hitting my seventh three against Ottawa and eventually winning a close game against our rival,” Torrez said.

The team made it to state last year and this is their second time back. Sophomore Cooper Carr has been on the team both years they made it to 4A state.

“Once you make it to state one time, you have that taste in your mouth and you just want to keep going back. Once you’re in Salina anything can happen,” Carr said.

They have won a lot of their games recently including opponents such as Ottawa who is a close rival of theirs.

“I think what makes us successful is that we can shoot and we have Cooper who can drive and kick to any of us and we will knock shots down and play straight up defense on the other end,” Torrez said.

Looking at next year they are losing two seniors such as Joey Ziembecki and Torrez who both lead the team in 3-pointers.

“Losing seniors is easily the worst part of sports in high school but it also is always next man up and I’m confident that we will have guys step into bigger roles next year with our great senior class leaving,” Carr said.

Not all parts of the season have been enjoyable and easy for the players and the coaches there have been some struggles for players like sophomore Colton Collum.

“The biggest struggle of the season was the early practice right after a hard weights class,” Collum said.

Even though parts have not been enjoyable it makes for them getting better at practice and winning games against their close rivals.

“The best game in my opinion was the second Ottawa game, because they are a really good team and we beat them by outworking them,” Collum said.

Going into state a lot of players are confident in their playing and seniors want to have a good last run.

“Getting to state is hard to do but we have put ourselves in a great position to get back for the second year in a row,” Carr said.