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The student news site of Baldwin High School, est. 1999

The Bulldog Bulletin

The student news site of Baldwin High School, est. 1999

The Bulldog Bulletin

Dealing with injuries a part of sports

Sophomore Kasey Hamrick coming back from second knee surgery

One knee surgery is a lot for a high schooler. But BHS sophomore Kasey Hamrick has already had two. He had first injured it in a 7th grade football game but recently had injured it again, causing his second surgery.

What happened and how did it happen?

“During the Baldwin Bulldogs vs Wellsville Eagles football game I landed on my knee wrong and it popped but it didn’t hurt so I kept playing. A couple plays later my knee had given out while running. I was taken out for further inspection to find out It could be my meniscus again. I ended up sitting the rest of the game,”said sophomore Kasey Hamrick.

Did you have to have surgery and if so how did it go?

“I ended up getting surgery for my meniscus repair knowing that I will have to sacrifice many things until I am fully recovered. Surgery went perfect although I was supposed to get my staple removed from my ACL surgery 3 years ago . I ended up getting two surgeries that day but I was very strong after surgery and ready to start recovery.”

How has your recovery been so far?

“My recovery has been going great and I’m very strong and I am healing way faster than expected along with the mobility of my knee which is way better than expected.”

How long do you have to stay out of sports and recover for?

“Luckily, for me it was only my meniscus which will be a 3 month recovery and I’m almost a month through already. I will only miss winter sports and I should be back for track where I have high hopes of starting varsity once again.”

What is the biggest difference in your everyday life since you got injured?

“The main difference in my everyday life is how hard I’m allowed to push myself in the weight room because of my limited mobility. I cannot put any weight on my leg yet but that doesn’t stop me from working out.”

This second time injuring that knee did it hurt more the first time or second time?

“When I tore my ACL in my 7th grade year it was a pain that I hope no one will ever have to feel. My meniscus tear wasn’t even noticed until it kept giving out during the game.”