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The student news site of Baldwin High School, est. 1999

The Bulldog Bulletin

The student news site of Baldwin High School, est. 1999

The Bulldog Bulletin

National Champs!

Paige Ellis helps Shaw University win soccer USCAA national title

Paige Ellis is a senior at Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina. She played soccer at BHS and graduated from BHS in 2020. She plays goalkeeper for the university. 

“My favorite memory from playing at BHS was when I first got to play goalie. I was originally a midfielder but one day they just put me in goal and it stuck,” she said. “I knew I wanted to keep playing this position after one of the JV games I had this save where I didn’t even need to think, the ball was just in the hands. I knew at that moment I loved this sport and this position.”

In November, the Shaw University women’s soccer team won the first championship in program history by beating Edward Waters 3-1, to win the title for the inaugural NCAA Division II Independent Tournament. Ellis shares how different highschool and college soccer are.

“College soccer is definitely different from high school soccer as you have to devote a lot more time into the sport,” she said. “In high school I played three sports but in college, it’s soccer year round. It’s conditioning, position work, scrimmages, games, team bonding and much more. The level of playing is also different and everyone there is talented and has proved they can play at the next level. There is also lots of travel but it’s all worth it and I’ve made some amazing and lifelong memories.”

The team then advanced to the semifinals for the USCAA Small College National Championship. In the semifinals game they beat Maine-Fort Kent 3-0.

“Playing soccer at BHS introduced me to the sport and made me fall in love with playing soccer,” she said. “I had an amazing coach and such a supportive and great team. I learned so much and I was able to grow as a player and get a taste for competitive soccer. I was so lucky to play alongside some really talented girls that pushed me to be better everyday.”

For the National Championship they played Bryant & Stratton Syracuse. Which was the only team who had beaten them in the regular season. 

“My first few years playing I was on teams that were not as successful as this year but it really does show that perseverance and hard work does pay off,” she said.

The Lady Bears ended up beating Bryant & Stratton Syracuse 3-0. They won the USCAA Small College National Championship. 

“I was so happy to be able to play for such a competitive and hard-working team this year at Shaw,” she said. “It’s something that I never thought would happen in my college career but it was amazing to lift that trophy up at the end of the year with my best friends.”

Also they achieved the best season in the history of the women’s soccer program at Shaw, with a record of 16-1.