Super fans support their teams


Jada Sansome

Students of BHS love going to the sports game to cheer on their team. Lena Mackie is one of BHS Super Fans.

“I feel like Baldwin has a good fan section,” Mackie said.

The BHS football game stands are filled with our school’s supporters. Usually at every game, the fans have to dress to a theme.

“At all the football games, everyone is there, everyone is making a point to do the theme,” Mackie said.

There are several sports that you can attend at BHS.

“People are really into sports at Baldwin Junior High School, it’s a big sports school, ao the fan team has a lot of good cheering,” Mackie said.

Pretty much everyone attends the sports at least for the popular sports.

“I noticed that the more people show up at them than the women’s, so go out and support your women’s teams,” Mackie said.