Carr following parents’ footsteps to Mid-America Nazarene


Devyn Wadel, BHS Journalism

Most people go to college for academics or for some they got an athletic scholarship, but for Carr, it is much more.

 17 year old senior multi-sport athlete Caleb Carr is going to MNU to Play basketball for college. 

“This summer I am planning to go to run’s over the summer at MNU and I will also workout on my own to improve my strength and shooting,” Carr said. 

Going to MNU, Carr’s goals are just to do the best he can in their program.

 “My goals at MNU are to grow into my role and hopefully contribute to a winning program,” Carr said.

Carr has many different reasons why he chose this college career.

 “I grew up going to MNU basketball camps over the summer and with both my parents going there I have been around the campus quite a bit,” Carr said. “The coaches are also awesome and have done a great job taking over that program. They expressed an interest in me and I knew that it was the right fit.”

After college, Carr has goals of a successful career.

“My goals after college are just to have a successful career and be able to do things I want,” Carr said.

Looking back at Carr’s high school career, He has many memorable moments, some that he loved and some that he didn’t like at all.

“My hardest part of high school was junior year,” Carr said. “I had a couple of tougher classes and I had a lot of homework on top of sports.” 

Carr also had some good memories too.

 “I would have to say scoring the PK with 30 seconds to send us to the state championship in soccer this year was awesome,” Carr said. “This season for basketball was also incredible. We had a great record and made it to state so both of those are at the top for me.”

The head coach of the basketball team Donald Blanchet coached Carr for all 4 years of high school.

“There are three things I can say about Caleb,” Blanchet said. “Having Caleb practice was like having a coach on the floor, another thing is that he elevated everybody’s game at practice everyday, and Caleb was a great example of giving everything he had everyday with what he was given.”

Carr also had teammates that he spent all four years of highschool with and enjoyed them by his side throughout highschool. After high school, Caleb Carr went to MNU to play basketball.