Band will be competing in State


The band has been prepping for the state competition and is excited to perform. 

There are 48 kids in the high school band and they are anticipated to perform well. “I think our band is going to be great,” O’Neal said. “They are smart, good musicians and they will be well prepared by then.”

“We are working on challenging music,” O’Neal said. “And it should go really well.” 

The band started preparing for state right in January so they can ensure that the pieces are going to be a good fit for them. 

“We don’t work on the songs for state everyday,” O’Neal said. “We have other obligations, like pet band obligations, we had a mardi gras parade, there are other things that we do.”

“As we get closer to the state,” O’Neal said. “We will spend more, and more time on the pieces.”

The biggest competition band has had was last year’s state band. 

“We went last year,” O’Neal said. “We received a 1 rating.”

Last year was O’Neal’s first year as the band teacher, and they still had a great performance.

Clarinet player Caden Hoffman, has been playing in the band for four years of his life. 

“Mr. Cooper inspired me to do band,” Hoffman said. He’s excited for the state band. 

The band students will be looking forward to competing. Baldwin High School will be hosting state this year for about 22 other schools.