Ryder Nigh, BHS Journalism

Hunter Peacock was a very influential baseball player at Baldwin High School. After a successful career at Baldwin, he then went to Coffeyville Community College.

Peacock made the transition from high school to college during covid.

“Making the transition from high school to college baseball can be a challenging process.” Peacock said. “In high school, players may have been able to rely on their natural talent and athleticism to excel, but in college, they must work harder and develop more advanced skills in order to compete at a higher level.”

He was good academically as well as being a good baseball player.

“In addition to the increased level of competition, college baseball players must also balance their academic responsibilities with their athletic commitments,” Peacock said. “This can be a difficult adjustment, especially for players who are used to being able to focus solely on their sport in high school.”

Playing at the next level can be very exciting and challenging.

 “Overall, playing college baseball after high school can be a challenging but rewarding experience.” Peacock said. “It requires hard work, dedication, and a willingness to adapt to a new level of competition, but it can also provide valuable opportunities for personal and athletic growth, but overall when you truly love the sport it is very worth all of the hard work.”

Despite these challenges, many high school alumni who go on to play college baseball are able to do very well. They use their experience in high school to help them adjust to the demands of college baseball, and they work hard to develop their skills and compete at a higher level.