Davidson takes manager role to next level


Tatum Davidson Is head manager of the Baldwin High School wrestling team and takes her job rather seriously when it comes down to it. Without her and the other managers the job of a coach would be much more difficult.

Tatum is an excellent manager, she works very hard at it and is very dedicated. The managers are all a very important part of the team,” wrestling coach Kit Harris said. “Tatum makes sure so many things are covered and taken care of so us coaches have less to worry about. She is amazing.”

Harris greatly appreciates hard working and passionate managers.

“They do a lot of jobs for us coaches and help keep things organized,” wrestling coach Kit Harris said. “They truly become a part of the program and they are valued and appreciated. I try to get a variety of managers who will enjoy it and be available with their schedule to work hard at it. Some of the meets can be long and it can be a big commitment.”

Davidson takes pride in her job and cares about the generation of managers after her.  

“I love being the head of the BHS managers,” senior Tatum Davidson said. “My favorite part of being the head manager is being able to take charge and make sure everything gets done accurately and make sure when I graduate there are people under me who know what they are doing and can step up.” 

Being head wrestling manager there are a variety of jobs. Some ranging from difficult to easy. 

“As a manager, you have to control music at practice, run Mat Boss (very hard when you first do it ), fill up water bottles, and pretty much make sure everything kit wants to be done gets done, which includes getting gear checked in and out. As the head manger, I make sure that there are always at least two managers at every practice and make sure that there are managers at every meet and make sure those managers know what they are doing and answer questions on behalf of Kit.”