Freshman wrestlers make impact


Gunnar Reichard, BHS Journalism

With the new season there are lots of new faces, many new freshmen wrestlers this year, with the season coming to an end the freshmen are about done with their first season of high school wrestling.

The change from middle school wrestling to high school wrestling can be hard. The middle school season is a little bit more than a month long while the high school wrestling season is about two and a half months long. A month longer season can change a lot, kids can improve a lot more and get more experience. 

 “It’s very different from middle school wrestling, the season is a lot tougher and longer than my middle school season,” Jake Van Horn said.

The competition at high school level is also very different. With you being able to wrestle people 3 years older than you and wrestling better kids from different places it can be a rough first high school season.

“My opponents are a lot stronger and smarter than middle school,” Bronston Billups said.

 “My competition is very tough at the varsity level but I think it’s good for me,” Van Horn said.

There are also kids who are just starting to wrestle and are trying to get better. Just starting to wrestle in high school can be hard because you are behind and have less experience. 

“High School wrestling is fun, it takes hard work and skill,” first year wrestler John Francis Onyenagubo said. “My goal by the end of the season is get better and make friends,”