Freshman making big moves on the mat


Makayla Hirschmann, BHS Journalism

Freshman Hayleigh Wempe has been working hard the past five years to improve her skill on the mat. Now that she’s in high school as a Bulldog wrestler, everything is paying off.

“I have been wrestling for 5 years or so, mostly year-round seasons,” Wempe said.

Wempe grew up around the sport because of her brothers. 

“I started because I saw my brothers do it and I wanted to try,” Wempe said.

The impact the sport has has on Wempe’s life is impactful, giving her many opportunities she only would get from wrestling.

“Wrestling has impacted my life by making me more confident in myself, making lots of lifelong relationships that I love, and has given me a chance to get a good scholarship to go to college,” she said.

There are many aspects of wrestling, some may be difficult, others easy.

“The most challenging part is cutting weight and getting in the right mindset to wrestle,” Wempe said.

Wempe has quite a lot of club season awards. Just recently she beat the #1 ranked girl in the Div. 2 state at 170 lbs. She is currently ranked number one in the state of Kansas.

She has won many awards.

“State champion plaque, quite a lot of medals, a ring for winning a national duel tourney with my team, a few Bulldog dog awards from Kit, and a few trophies,” Wempe said.

Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Iowa, and Missouri are the states Wempe has wrestled in.

Wempe has wrestled in many tournaments whether it is a small town high school meet or a national club meet, she’s been there.

“The biggest tournament was either the Tournament of Champions, State, or the Grand River Rumble,” Wempe said.

“Wrestling is the best sport and it’s so fun.” Wempe said. “You make so many lifelong relationships with new friends and great coaches.”

The sport can be tough on you both mentally and physically, you must push through and work hard to succeed.

“It’s hard but if you get the best coaches like Kit and a great team to help you, you are going to do amazing and have loads of fun,” she said.