In the heat of practice


Dylan Steinman, BHS Journalism

The first practices of high school sports just started and the first few days were the hottest. There were heat advisories and delayed practices for most sports played outside including football, soccer and tennis.

 Junior Drew Schoendaller is a student-athlete who plays both soccer and cross cross country.

“The heats a little tiring and it makes me pretty stink,” Schoendaller said. “I tried drinking a lot more water lately so I wouldn’t die during practice.”

For Schoendaller playing soccer and cross both they practice at different times so he deals with different temperatures for the heat.

“Our team work really was not that affected but we were all really tired and sometimes some of the people would get mad easily,” Schoendaller said

Different teams practice at different times likes cross country will practice in the mornings before school and in the evenings after other practices are completed

“For cross we have mostly had practice in the mornings for school and over the summer so it’s not that hot for us,” Schoendaller said.

Coaches have to stand out in the heat as well, but they also have to deal with the players not trying or getting really tired. They try to bring enough water for the hot days so that players can stay hydrated.

“It’s Kansas man what do you expect,” soccer coach Matt McCune said, “the heat’s going to come out of nowhere.”

Temperatures went from a heat index of over 100 to nearly high 60s the weekend after the heat spike. It was hot but the teams still had a great time.

“We will adjust outdoor practice times based on temperature and humidity,” sports director Gary Stevanus said.

Due to the heat practices must be adapted so that student-athletes will not overheat or dehydrate.

“That can take on many things it can be a time or the practice equipment level and coaches structure practices different or have a more relaxed drill and obviously unlimited access to water,” Stevanus said.

For football practices may have been hardest, senior football players Josh Potter and Bailey Vesco had to practice nearly 3 hours in the scorching heat.

“The running was the worst part of it, it was awful, Vesco said, “the practice was way too long and hot.”

For all the heat during football practice they still continued to practice hard as if it were just a normal day.

“Yeah, is that really a question, running was easily the hardest part of practice,” Potter said, “and we had to wear padding the entire time.”