The JV track season ends with cloud overhead


Jude Stacey, Collin Ediger, and Crayton Walters run the mile at the BIT track meet.

Lucas Hafer, BHS Journalism

The junior varsity track team had their final meet, the Frontier League High School JV Track Meet, scheduled for Tuesday, May 7. The meet, however, was cancelled due to poor weather conditions, bringing the junior varsity season to an official end. Several JV distance runners reminisce about the memories they made this season.

“The season was lit,” freshman Crayton Walters said. “We practiced together and the meets were awesome. The JV was pretty good, but of course, varsity was better. The best time was pre-meet, when we ran for 20 minutes, and distance workouts were pretty fun, too.”

Not only were the track aspects enjoyable, but the team relationships themselves were one of the runners’ favorite parts.

“For me, the season went smoothly for a while and then I hurt my leg near the end,” freshman Maddox Shorb said. “But overall, it was pretty fun to be around the upper classmen. The team was really good, I didn’t have much trouble with the people, and we all got along really well.”

On the evening of the track meet, a thunderstorm came in Eudora. Due to safety concerns, the meet was cancelled, and was not to be rescheduled.

“The rain brought all of us JV folk down, but overall it was a great season. I’m just glad I’ll be able to attend the varsity league meet instead.”

Some tracksters were not fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend Friday’s meet.

“I wish the meet wouldn’t have rained out because it was my last meet until next year,” Walters said. “I really wanted to run hard and have fun the last meet of the season.”

JV runners are optimistic about what the future may have in store for them.

“As a JV competitor it was really fun to compete with other freshmen and I think we have a good future as a team,” freshman Jack Boyle said.