Ehinger achieves MLB stadium goal


BHS librarian Rich Ehinger achieved his lifetime goal of attending a game at every MLB stadium.

Ty Harris, BHS Journalism

There are 30 existing Major League Baseball stadiums all across North America. Very few can say that that they have visited and toured every single one—including BHS librarian Richard Ehinger.

“Baseball has always been my favorite sport,” Ehinger said. “I like going to see all the different stadiums and connecting with different people all over the country.”

Ehinger has visited 48 stadiums in 30 cities all over the country.

“The oldest stadium I’ve visited is Fenway Park,” he said.

Opened more than one hundred years ago, Fenway Park is also the oldest major league baseball stadium in the United States, and has been home to the Boston Red Sox since 1912.

Despite Ehinger having been working toward achieving his goal for 28 years, his memory of the stadiums and their individualities is strikingly clear.

“My favorite stadium was Pittsburgh’s PNC Park,” he said. “The view of the three rivers was beautiful, and they did not build any light standards so you could see all of downtown Pittsburgh. The people were very friendly, and there was a lot of interesting history to it.”

As for his least favorite, Ehinger mentioned two.

“My least favorite was Tampa Bay,” he said, “and, being a Cubs fan, it’s hard to say that Wrigley Field was not my favorite.”

What Ehinger likes most about baseball and one of the reasons why he started this goal is because of the uniqueness of every baseball stadium.

“All the dimensions and the way they built every nook and cranny is different,” he said. “With every other sport, all the stadiums are the same, and to me, that’s kind of boring.”