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Sports provide healthy outlet for many students

Anna Burnett, BHS Journalism

Many Bulldog athletes participate in sports for many different reasons, some do them to stay in shade for an upcoming sport, several like competing with their teammates to make them better.  After asking many students why they do sports there is a new way to look at athletes at Baldwin High School.

Sophomore Josie Boyle runs cross country in the fall, plays basketball in the winter, and does both soccer and track in the spring she likes to do sports because of the competition and encouragement of her teammates.

“I love pushing myself to be the best I can, competing against my teammates every day and encouraging them during races makes me better,” Boyle said.

Senior Kellee Wiggins plays volleyball in the fall and softball in the spring and has close to the same opinion as sophomore Matthew Garber both of them really enjoy pushing themselves and proving people wrong for not believing in them.

“What pushes me the most in sports would be my teammates, coaches, and anyone that tells me I can’t do something,” Wiggins said. “I have always been involved in team sports so I would say the best and most fun part about sports is building a connection with people you wouldn’t have without it”

Garber agreed,

“My motivation is everything when someone says I’m not good enough that’s what pushes me to try harder,” Garber said.

Girls soccer coach Andrew Ising believes that it is a great way to build friendships and learn who they are by doing things that they love with great people.

“I think participation in high school sports and activities is important for students. It gives students a chance to build friendships, learn to deal with success and failure, and provides a place where students can develop their identity and character.” Ising said.

Junior Audrey Flowers and sophomore Katherine Braun both play volleyball in the fall and think it is a great time to get out any weird emotions or stress you get throughout the day.

“I enjoy volleyball because it’s with some of my best friends and a good time to get all my stress out at the end of each day,” Flowers said.

“I enjoy them because after a long stressful day at school I walk onto the court or field and they all disappear and I can kick or hit the ball as hard as I want to relieve stress,” Braun said.

Reasons for students doing high school sports differ from being around people they enjoy to making themselves work hard all the time and providing a new experience for their high school years. Many enjoy them and it is a great way to stay involved.

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