Private schools have an unfair advantage

Private schools have an unfair advantage


Since 2000, private schools have won 31% of school championships. Private schools not only have an academic advantage, but they also have an athletic advantage over public schools. I think all of the states need some kind of success rate on their state’s sports teams, so no team can continue to dominate their division. 

Even though private schools are the same size as the public schools they play, the talent is completely on a different level. Due to that, private schools have dominated their division, and continue to get state championships. 

According to from 2007-2017, private schools have won 56% of football state championships. 80% of boy soccer, and 77% girls soccer state championships. They have also won 55% volleyball, 40% boys basketball,  and 35% girls basketball state championships.  

Kansas and Wisconsin are two of the only states who still do not have a specific competitive balance plan. Both states have made small league changes, but no statewide rules have been decided. 

The Kansas legislature has to consider if they put a success rate in any of the states leagues, they could get a lot of criticism. People need to remember the overall goal is not just to win state championships, it’s to be the best player you can be. 

I think that with all the success private schools have had, they need to be in their own league. It would not only make it better competition for both teams, but it would even the playing field. Which would improve both public and private schools in the long run. All of the states desperately need to put some kind of success rate for their states sports teams, so no team can continue to dominate their division.