HUMANS OF BHS: Logan Anderson & Gavin Lang


Trysten Heck, BHS Journalism

BHS has multiple students who derby, junior Gavin Lang and senior Logan Anderson are two of the multiple students who derby during the summer. 

“My dad derbied when I was a little kid, and I have been going to all the derby’s around ever since. So once I turned 16 I decided I was gonna build my first car and try it,” Anderson said. 

“I’ve derbied for about 2 years or so,” Lang said.

“It looked fun and my friends did it so I tried it,” Lang said.

They both have derbied for about 2 years, and both have said they enjoyed derbying and the experience.

Derbying is not easy to do and it’s also not cheap to participate in.

“I’ve spent around probably close to $4000-$5000 total,” Anderson said.

It is very hard to come away with a win or to even last a whole heat without getting stuck in the mud or trying not to have your car shutting down from a huge hit.

“I’ve won twice, one in Overbook, Kansas, and one in LeRoy, Kansas,” Anderson said.

“I have spent probably $350 and have won $500. So I’m ahead but not for long,” Lang said.