Spielman reminisces on coaching running at BHS


BHS coach Mike Spielman was a runner at the University of Kansas in the late 1980s.

Mike Spielman teaches several of the advanced math classes at Baldwin High School, but what some may not know is that he is a well liked and highly respected coach. He is currently the head coach of both track and cross-country. He once had a high school sports career of his own, and went off to run for the University of Kansas.

In which year did you begin teaching at Baldwin?

  • “In the fall of 1990.”

When and how did you get into coaching sports at Baldwin High School?

  • “I did sports in high school, and so I was really interested in doing them. I did them also in college, so it just came natural to be able to do it.”

Is it difficult to balance teaching and coaching?

  • “At times, when the seasons get into full swing, it is to get entries in and things like that.”

Do you think the track season this year will be an overall success?

  • “Yes, I think everybody’s getting better and better and I think the season’s going to end really well for us.”

What was your sports career like in high school?

  • “I ran distance in cross country and track, I placed at state in cross country, and in track also, and I played basketball.”

What changes have you seen in running sports over the years?

  • “Just the nutrition and equipment and things like that have just gotten better over the times. And timing, just the idea of all the technology and everything, and how quick results come out.”

What is your favorite memory from your time coaching?

  • “Just seeing people when they run the best time of the year and just feeling like they’re getting better and better.”

What is your favorite sport to watch?

  • “Basketball.”

What was your favorite sport to participate in?

  • “Probably basketball.”

Which brand of running shoe do you recommend to up-and-coming runners?

  • “I’m not too much into certain brands or anything, so it doesn’t matter. Whatever works for each person, and each shoe is a little different.”