Humans of BHS: Jairub Constable


Jairub Constable stands between two school buses at the Sabetha Cross Country Meet, 2019.

Lucas Hafer, BHS Journalism

“I’m really excited to get to be a senior. To get to be that senior runner, that senior forensics competitor, but it’s sad to see high school go. I participate in cross country and then I also compete in forensics competitions. I think forensics is absolutely my favorite thing I’ve ever done. It’s a tough one to start, but once you get into it, it’s fun. I’m trying to be really competitive at state, and the sky’s the limit. In cross country, if I’m having fun, it’s worth it. It doesn’t matter what times I’m running. If I’m having fun with the team, that’s all I need. My favorite memory from cross country, I remember, is just one run after school where I ran in a pack with Lucas, myself, Maddox, and I do believe it was Hudson, and we just ran and joked around and talked, and it was really fun. I feel like with what I’ve been given, my high school career has been the best I could make it. I’ve had fun when I could, and when things were not so fun, I feel like I handled it well. I’m looking forward to getting to run one last year with the cross country team, and competing one more year in forensics, alongside Maya, Caden, and Atticus. Overall, I think I’m pretty proud about it. I think when it’s all said and done, I want to be like Mr. Harris. I want to have a family, and raise my family. I know I want to be an English teacher, but how I’m gonna get there I don’t know yet. Right now, I work at the Baldwin City Market. It’s a lot more fun than people have made it out to be. They really help you out, they work with you on your schedule, and if there’s some reason why you can’t work at that given moment they say, ‘Hey, that’s okay, just come back later, and we’ll start you right away.’ I have a little bit of an income coming in. I’m able to buy my car, fix up my car, and it gives me a little bit of freedom. I have to start saving up money now. I do think the market is a great place to work at, but I think just more students should be interested in getting jobs if they want one. But join forensics, I mean, forensics is awesome. That’s my favorite thing ever!”