Reality TV promotes stereotypes

Reality TV promotes stereotypes

Colby Zimmerman, BHS Journalism

Reality shows such as Honey Boo Boo, Jersey Shore, and Buckwild are great, right? They may grab people’s attention but why do they watch them? I think reality TV shows promote dangerous stereotypes and stunts. According to 61 percent of people agree with me.

I think shows like Jersey Shore and Buckwild make people create stereotypes against people from that area. If I went to the Jersey Shore and I have seen this show I would think it is just like the show. That is not the case. In New Jersey the coast is a relaxing place to have fun at. In the show they party and do stupid stuff which then creates stereotypes about that place. That ultimately produces stereotypes for families because they don’t want to bring their children to a place that looks bad on television.

This comes to the other side of reality shows. The dangerous side, so shows like Jackass. These shows are pointless but do catch your eye because they are entertaining. This is a bad thing especially for teens. If a teen sees one of their role models doing stunts, then they would end up wanting to do it. Shows like this say “DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME,” but clearly that does not help. Jackass promotes kids and teens to try and recreate dangerous or even deadly stunts.

Reality shows portray bad images on the real world. In the shows you can do whatever you want when you want, but in real life that is not the case. You have responsibilities and you have to do them. Shows like The Office provide real life work but in a fun way. That is why the show is so popular because it is a good show but has an even better meaning.

Reality TV ultimately is all about the money. They hire actors (typically younger people) to do stupid things and show off their body only because of money. Reality TV is at the bottom of my to watch list because I do not waste my time watching it.