Life as a boy’s basketball manager

Life as a boys basketball manager

Emma Burnett, BHS Journalism

The boys basketball team starts its season this Thursday against Tonganoxie. The boys have been hard at work every night. However, they are not the only ones working hard. In order to make everything run smoothly in the gym, manager are needed. Managers Meghan Strobel, senior and Ashley Jackson, sophomore answer some questions about managing the boys basketball team.

Q: What jobs do you do as a basketball manager?

A: “In practices we run the scoreboard, keep coaches on track and we make the boys Gatorade. At games, we keep waters filled and keep stats,” Jackson said.

Q: Do you feel like managers are considered part of the team?

A: “I feel like we are part of the team because we joke around and have fun with them whenever they take breaks or have down time,” Strobel said.

Q: Do you feel appreciated as a manager?

A: “The guys always say thank you, and the coaches make sure we know he likes having us there. They all really make sure we feel like part of the team,” Jackson said.

“They appreciate everything we do for them because we help make practices and games go smoothly,” Strobel said.

Q: What is the hardest part about being a manager?

A: “The time commitment. But having multiple managers helps because we do not have to go every night,” Jackson said.

Q: What is the best part about being a manager?

A: “The best part is definitely getting to know all of the guys and getting to watch them play,” Strobel said.