Q&A With Former BHS Volleyball Coach Mrs. Maschke


Isaiah B, BHS Journalism

  1. Q how many machtes are there in a volleyball games 

A There are 5 sets in a one match. It is 3 out of 5 and JV/Freshman is 2 out of 3.

  1. Q how do you score in volleyball 

A When the ball hits the floor someone gets a point. 

  1. Q did you play volleyball when you were in school

A Yes, I started playing volleyball in 6th grade. 

  1. Q when did you decied that you wanted to be a volleyball coach 

A When I was in College playing volleyball, I was coaching young kids during my off season. I loved the sport and wanted to share my knowledge which led to coaching in College/University. 

  1. Q why did you quit being a volleyball coach 

A I had two small kids and needed to spend my time with them at home. I miss coaching a lot. 

  1. Q how long were you a volleyball coach

A I coached here for three years. 

  1. Q What makes a good volleyball coach

A Willingness to motivate, knowledge of the mechanics of the sport, positive outlook/spirit as you are a their biggest cheerleader. 

  1. Q how often do you think a volleyball team should practice

A Daily. You need to be touching a volleyball as often as possible. 

  1. Q What is your strategy for helping players improve their skills

A Touching a volleyball and studying the mechanics behind the sport. Strategy!!!!!!

  1. Q What do you think is the most important aspect of being a good teammate and coach

A Working hard for every point. Your teammates need to depend on you as much as you need to depend on them. Positive attitude and effort can make any team win.. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

  1. Q who inspired you to become a volleyball coach 

A Having great coaches during club volleyball inspired me. I had some very bad coaches as well- I NEVER WANT ANY KID TO HAVE THAT EXPERIENCE- that is why I coach!

  1. Q what would you say or do if one of your players hated how they performed in a game 

A Look up- what can we fix for the next game. What do you think you need to work on?

  1. Q How would you Describe your process for evaluating your team’s performance after a game or practice

A Everything is WIN OR LOSS but for a good coach you are always looking for things to improve on. 

  1. Q do you prefer to work in groups or individually with the players

A I like both. It is called for at different times. 

  1. Q What would you do if one of your players was injured during a practice or game

A This has happened many times. You must adapt and prepare your team for everything. 

  1. Q did you have a favorite qoute ot saying that you told your teambefore a game 

A Believe you can…… Hard work pays off!

  1. Q What do you enjoy most about teaching?

A Everyday is different. I love the challenge of what the day brings and what new challenges my students will face. Troubleshooting with them and growing as a person. To teach is to show love and compassion. I truly love my job and my students. 

  1. Q Why did you choose to work with students with disabilities?

A My passion has always been with students with disabilities. I myself have a disability BUT it does not define me. I am learning disabled BUT that does not mean I cannot learn. I just learn differently. Growing up I did not have a teacher who understood me or how I learned so I struggled greatly. Once I figured out what I needed to do to help myself I decided that I was going to be a special education teacher. Taking the dis out of the disability is my challenge. I will never give up on my kids……. NEVER!

  1. Q What do you hope to contribute to the special education field?

A I hope I can leave a positive impact on all my students. I would love to change how the world sees them and how to incorporate them in changing the world!

  1. Q What’s the biggest challenge/reward in working with students who require special education?

A Challenge- mindset and learned helplessness. You have to work for it. NOTHING is given to you for free. Stop complaining and do something about it! That is how change happens. 

  1. Q Why do you want to work in our school?

A I love Baldwin. I feel like we are a tight family in the SPED department. We have each other’s backs and work really well together to promote success in life and the classroom. I have the freedom to actually teach….. That is probably the best thing about BHS.