Emma Burnett talks about “Oklahoma!”


Parker Wilson, BHS Journalism

Emma Burnett talks about “Oklahoma!”

By Parker Wilson BHS Journalism

This years musical was “Oklahoma!” About sixty students took part in it this year. Whether it was a lead role all the way to the backstage crew, everyone put in a lot of time to make this years play great. Senior Emma Burnett, who has been a part of the play all four years of her high school career answered some questions.

Q: How many years did you participate in the musical?

A: “4 years”

Q: How did you feel about the musical compared to last year?

A: “It was more fun because the people were better and we bonded more and we sang better songs.”

Q: Were the main characters seniors, or was it divided among all of the classes?

A: “The main leads were two seniors, one junior and one sophomore.”

Q: What was your favorite memory?

A: “Singing “Beauty School Dropout” my sophomore year.”

Q: How was it to have to practice nearly every day?

A:”It was hard to get homework done because you were always either on stage or getting ready to be.

Q: How was the change between Mrs. Nelson to Mrs. Buffum

A: “It was different than last year and change is hard to accept, but I thought she did a very good job.”

Q: Are you going to miss being a part of the musical?

A: “Yes, it was one of the most things I will miss because of all of the friendships.”