Cell phones causing problems for kids

Cell phones causing problems for kids

 Cell phones have become an addiction kids are having. The parents are giving kids at ages 6,7,8,9, cell phones. This is causing problems for these kids when they turn 13-18 it is causing incscartitis depression, in school teachers are getting mad with kids pulling out their cell phones in middle of class this is making teens have bad grades and failing some of their class. They say 90% of the kids are addicted to cell phones. The amount of time that a kid should be on it is 4 hours 45 minutes but these kids are on it for 6/8 hours a day this is causing educational learning.  

When the parents are getting annoyed by these little kids they just give them the cell phones so they stay quiet. Parents give their kids cell phones. They should put a time limit on it. Now these teens that are having the depression problem and incinerates are on social mida seeing things that are pathogenic shore or made to look skinny and pretty. One of the apps that are making the kids having problems like this is TikTok and Instagram. 

Tiktok is an app where people do viral trends but tik tok is a pretty dangerous app. It runs by chains so you do not know what’s happening. They could be using scoile information just for your cell phone so there’s a need to stop putting their information into these apps. Like Snapchat if you get hacked things could get linked. Teens looking up bad things can be a part of ruining their future.

 When the cop goes through your phone for jobs but still TikTok is a sex trafficking app well it can be, danges to underage kids. Also these teens are meeting peopol on these apps. First of all you’r going to get raped, kidnapped, or in huge trouble, text random people online and telling your information to them will give them access to being in your way or snooping or stalking you. This makes it hard for teens’ safety, people think that kids should have screen limits and information on phones that are an access for the parents. There is freedom for your kid and safety for them too.,

Most kids that don’t use their phones they only use it for social media apps so kids are wishing there someone else and not having the right. Sometimes when the parent gives the kids phones it makes them have adhd.