OPINION: Social distancing saves lives


Victoria Daniel, BHS Journalism

Within the last month concern over the COVID-19 virus has spiked. People around the world are concerned about the current pandemic which has taken effect on everyone’s day- to-day life.

The COVID-19 virus  rose to people’s attention in early March when cases began to rise. Governor Laura Kelly recently ordered a lockdown for Douglas County. The current lockdown for Douglas County is scheduled to be lifted on April 24 as of now.

The lockdown rules include: staying within 6 feet apart of people and only leaving the house for essential needs, such as grocery shopping or getting gas. This limitation of social and personal connections is said to help curve the slope of the virus, 

Social distancing is a common phrase being used within these times. Staying home and away from others are vital to social distance. Social distancing can reduce the risk of  people becoming infected. This is because when people stay home and from civilization, they do not put other people at risk. 

Symptoms from the COVID-19 virus may not be apparent until 2 weeks, because of this easy for it to spread without the knowledge of the host. Since this virus is so easily transmitted and symptoms may not show until 2 weeks, saying home is the best preventive we can do.

The faster people begin to stay home and away from other people, the faster the number of deaths will go down. While some may complain about the boredom that comes with staying home, the lives of others should be prioritized and recognized.

Going out with friends in large groups and not practicing social distancing restrictions is selfish and puts many other people at risk. The sooner people practice social distancing, the sooner people will be able to go back to their normal lives.