Gun control can make BHS safer

Gun control can make BHS safer

Wyatt Bathke, BHS Journalism

Safety in school is a major talking point in the U.S.

School safety can mean a lot of different things from safety from drugs, bullying, violence, etc. Most recently, schools across the nation have been focusing on stopping shootings in school. According to, 91% of students said they feel safe in schools. BHS students have opinions on their school safety.

“I feel as safe in school as anywhere else,” sophomore Campbell Lund said.

“I feel relatively safe at Baldwin, but the thought of the terrifying unknown is always there,” senior Kayla Mountain said.

“I just assume no one is going to attack Baldwin,” junior Jacob Hoffman said.

I personally feel safe in Baldwin, but not completely safe. With all the mass shootings going on around the country, it is hard to be completely safe anywhere in the U.S, but everybody should feel safe at school. 

The issue of school safety falls under one of the most controversial debates in the U.S, this issue being gun control. While I have no experience with firearms, I know many trustworthy people that do, which makes the school safety and gun control debate much more challenging. 

The best way in my opinion is stricter gun laws and better background checks, or maybe a tax on firearms. This way responsible people who use firearms for recreation use will get to continue using their firearms, and people with bad intentions will no longer be able to fulfill what they want to do. For me, this is the only logical and fair way to make safer schools. A full ban on firearms would never work because people want to keep their firearms and it would be too difficult to enforce.