Caden Hunter Trenary, BHS Journalism

The Prestige is a movie about two rival magicians who are hell bent on destroying each other. Robert Anger and Alfred Borden were partners but after the death of Mrs.Anger caused by Mr.Borden who tied a wrong knot and drowned his wife.

Causing a five year rivalry,The movie ended with a twist were instead of one of the rival magicians there were two rival Borden’s, Borden had a brother who killed Anger after his brother was hanged.

The Prestige had good acting, lines were delivered perfectly, and the ending was a good plot twist.

Although I didn’t really like the clone thing that part kind of ruined the movie for me and how they started to kill everyone off towards the ending of the movie.

I think the movie had good sections but also had some bad parts to the movie. I was kind of confused because of the flashbacks and then going back to the present but overall good story.

The way the story was setup was amazing the way they included the twins was an awesome plot twist. I think that they didn’t have to include the clones it kind of threw me off with that plot twist.

I also liked the way they mixed magic, mystery, and science together these elements made the movie more interesting and fun to watch and enjoy trying to figure out all the tricks and the machine was the most fun to me.