Netflix vs. Hulu, comparison of top two movie sites


Faith Stan, BHS Journalism

There are multiple movie apps to choose from, but the most popular are Netflix and Hulu. I will be discussing the comparison between the two.


Netflix is a well-known app that  everyone mostly uses. The user has various options to choose from, and it’s also very organized. I like Netflix more than Hulu for a lot of reasons; its faster, more organized, has great shows/movies, about 100,000 movies and TV shows. Netflix has a new update having “coming soon” for one of the options to look at, it gives the user dates when the show/movie will be coming. I just watched The Greenhouse Academy season three, I honestly would not have known a new season was coming out the “coming soon” tab was not there.


There are also some downs about Netflix that Hulu has, Netflix takes down movies/shows off a little over a week later after it comes out if it is not liked as much. Usually, the movies/shows they take off of Netflix are the ones are actually really enjoy. Hulu keeps every movie/show on their site for a long period of time, which I really love. I have to give it to Hulu for having very old movies/shows, Teen Wolf have been on Hulu for a very long time. I have watched Teen Wolf more than four times on Hulu, and Netflix does not have very old shows/movies. 


Netflix is more expensive than Hulu, Netflix is $8.99 per month while Hulu cost $5.99 per month. Netflix has no ads while Hulu does but you can pay $11.99 per month to get no ads if the user wanted. Hulu is more expensive if you pay for no adds every month, it would cost $17.98 per month. In my opinion paying an extra $11.99 per month is unreasonable because that is just way too much just to take something off. I say just pay the $8.99 per month.