Student opinions on snow days


Austin Lemon, BHS Journalism

BHS has had more snow days this year than recent years. The question most students are asking is “will missing this much school be bad for our breaks?”

“It’s good for us students at first,” freshman Lauren Green said. “Then when there becomes more of them, it starts cutting into our breaks from school so it becomes worse for us.”

There are mixed opinions about the amount of snow days BHS has had and what they should have. Many students are thinking the district should change the amount of built-in snow days depending on the type of winter we’re having.

“In my opinion, we should have more snow days when the winter is a bad one,” junior Seth Smith said. “Even if it means ending school a little later, the district should consider doing it for the students’ safety. Especially if students live in the country, it’s extremely dangerous for students or anyone trying to get to town by the condition of the roads. Just because the roads look decent doesn’t mean they are.”

It’s the superintendent’s job to decide whether the students and staff have a snow day or not. A few reasons there would be a snow day is if it is below freezing, the roads are not safe for travel or if there is inclement weather.

Sophomore Austin Lemon decided to go to someone who would know a lot about the way the school year would go. Lemon went to assistant principal, Brant Brittingham.

“I think the communication has been pretty good considering we have to communicate with the superintendent and multiple schools around us to see what the plan is as far as calling off school due to weather,” Brittingham said. “Again, it all just depends on what the district is wanting. Since we have to have a certain amount of minutes of school, it’s pretty rough.”

It’s not only students that are questioning the snow days.

“There are both ups and downs of snow days,” BHS teacher Randi Canterbury said. “A couple upsides of days off for me is getting to sleep in and getting to spend time with my daughter. My least favorites by far is having to rearrange lesson plans and trying to teach the material in the shortened amount of days to meet state’s standards.”