Are girls blamed for guys bad behavior?

Are girls blamed for guys bad behavior?

Ambrynn Stewart, BHS Journalism

Many schools tells girls to not wear skirts shorter than your fingertips, Do not wear leggings unless you cover your butt with a long shirt, Do not wear tank tops that show your shoulders. some students and parents worry the message the dress code sends to girls is, your body is a problem. Do not distract the boys.

According to The Washington Township school’s dress code implies that boys can’t stop themselves from looking at girls’ bodies, some critics say, so it is the girls’ fault when boys are not able to pay attention in math.

It is the girls who are taken out of class to change their clothes.

Dress codes take aim at clothing worn by girls.

These dress codes are rooted in the hard-to-die concept of boys and men being unable to control themselves around women and girls.  

According to Gina Scaramella schools should understand that an effective dress code policy explicitly includes girls, boys, LGBTQ students, those who are gender fluid, and students of all races and ethnicities.