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Excessive homework a problem in schools today

Ericka Holub, BHS Journalism

Does too much homework get in the way of your free time? Do you ever stress out so much over school work that it brings you to cry? We are given a lot of homework every day. Sometimes hours of work every night. Even advanced students will spend hours at a time on school work and not have time to spend with family or do sports. Some kids do not even get to spend much time with their family because they are in their room doing all the homework they are given.

What is the point of having so much homework? We learn things all day while being at school so why do we have to take more work home. We are at school for 8 hours a day and then we are given an extra hour or more of homework. When does that give us time to do extra activities? I do agree with some homework but not a lot of it.

According to “Great Schools” some schools go off the “10-minute rule”. The ten minute rule is adding ten minutes of homework to each grade. Meaning in first grade you would have ten minutes, second grade would have twenty, third would have thirty… ect. This is a rule that I think all schools should refer to but I do not think the rule should go above an hour of work.

I think an hour amount of homework is just enough. Even an hour of homework could leave us stressed out. That hour might not even include the studying that we have to do. Our teachers make tests on the same day sometimes and that makes for a long night at studying plus our homework for other classes.

School should not stress students out as much as it does. Honestly I think if teachers communicated more, tests would not be on the same day and there might be less homework. If that would happen it would lead to less stress.

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