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  • Boys varsity basketball is playing Burlington at 7 p.m. in the BJHS gym, this is the last game of the Bulldog/Wildcat tournament.

Paper or digital books in schools

Ericka Holub, BHS Journalism

Is reading off of an electronic device even good for you? According to PROXX reading a paper book is actually better for you. Reading a book at night is better for your sleep. If you read off of your phone it causes negative effects of your sleeping pattern. Reading off of an electronic device makes it harder and longer for you to fall asleep because it uses your body’s melatonin. The melatonin is what helps you fall asleep at night.

Reading off of an electronic device night does not only make it harder to fall asleep but it also makes you feel less rested the next day. You could be getting the same amount of sleep (full 8 hours) and still feel more tired the next day. This is because you spend less time in your REM sleep according to PROXX.

This just supports my opinion, I prefer paper books because I get less distracted when I am not on electronic devices. Most of our reading assignments or english are on the iPad and i always end up asking for a paper copy. My eyes can not always focus when I am trying to read a lot on an iPad.

One of the pros about books on electronic devices is being able to listen to them while driving. Sometimes listening to a book calms people down. My grandpa is a semi driver for around the U.S. and he listens to books all the time.

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