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Students should be able to grade their teachers

Kya Ross, BHS Journalism

Students are graded year round on how much they learn. What if the teachers were graded on how they teach? Would things be different? Would the students have a higher education?

There are children who spend three hours a night studying and get a B on a test. There are also kids who do not study and get A’s on tests. If teachers were graded they would be able to help students learn better.

A teacher can spend hours planning a week and their students do not or barely learn anything. If they received feedback from their students they might be able to figure out how to get them to understand higher quality concepts. Teachers should be told how they can teach the kids better and what they are doing wrong. One of the best ways to figure this out is by getting advice by their students.

The teachers would be graded by their students based on how they teach. They would be graded on their connection with the students, their effort and their understanding. All the grades would be averaged out on separate grades for each category, with side notes of things they could change or try.

According to Debate.Org, 80 percent of the voters voted that students should be able to grade their teachers.

The government is watching teachers and how their students perform in tests, but shouldn’t students be included in this also? Students are closer, more in contact and interact more with the teachers than the government.

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